Home Sleep Testing Made Simple

Smart Home Sleep Testing.
Efficient, disposable, and cost-effective.

Finally. A cheap, reliable, auto-scored Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT) device that is smart and simple to use.

The NightOwl® Mini features amazing technology designed to help dentists treat snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Dental Sleep Apnea treatment is more reliable and robust with titration testing.

The NightOwl® Mini features:

  • PAT (Peripheral Arterial Tonometry) signal - Capture pAHI based on PAT, actigraphy, and oximetry.
  • Fully Disposable - No risk of contamination.
  • Level IV Sleep Test
  • Auto-Scoring - Clinically validated auto-scoring tools.
  • Up to 14 Nights of testing (100 hours!)
  • Real-Time results - view your nightly patient sleep data each day.
  • 24/7 Support with Online Patient Portal

NightOwl® Mini - Multi Quantity

$ 97.00 USD

SUPPLY CHAIN UPDATE: NightOwl orders are currently LIMITED STOCK. NightOwl Mini Titration Sleep Test - Healthcare Provider Use Only

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The NightOwl Mini, combined with telemedicine, allows for safe and efficient dental sleep medicine treatment during COVID times. Disposables with remote monitoring is exactly what my practice needs.

Dr. Justin Elikofer
New Concept Sleep

The NightOwl has made titration much faster and economical.  I get the results the next day from the cloud and I text the patient what they need to do and we go until they are titrated.  In the past I have used a wrist pulse ox for titration.  But they have to bring it back in, I have to read it, and then give instructions.  There is virtually no way to screw up the NightOwl.  If all goes well we only need 2 chair visits to get titrated.

Dr. Michael Landry
Consultants in Dental Aesthetics

For dental device titration this adds clinical validation to the techniques we have been 'guessing' at for years. Now we can finally know where and how to optimally set our patient's oral appliances.

Dr. Richard Drake
Get Some Rest Dental Sleep
Dentists and sleep clinic managers love using NightOwl Mini. Just ask them.

Some of the most successful dental sleep medicine practitioners in the country use the NightOwl Mini for diagnosis and titration of their dental sleep patients. Mandibular Advancement Devices can now be validated and titrated using disposable, cost-effective, cloud-based tools. This is truly a paradigm shift for all successful dental sleep medicine practitioners.

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