FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Order From This Site?

  • Who Can Order Belun® Ring and NightOwl® Products?

    These Home Sleep Testing (HST) products are FDA-cleared for healthcare provider use. To place an order on this site you MUST be a licensed dentist or physician. Any orders placed by non-healthcare providers will be rejected. This product is intended for use only under the guidance of licensed-healthcare providers.

  • Why Are Only Dentists Allowed to Order?

    This site is dedicated to dental sleep medicine and serves the Dental Market. FDA guidelines require that we only sell products to Dentists and Dental Sleep Medicine practitioners.

  • I am a Patient. How Do I Get Tested?

    Are you a patient looking for dental sleep medicine treatment?  Great! Unfortunately you cannot order products from this site, but there are many dental sleep medicine dentists who are qualified to help you. Check this link to find a provider in your area.

Belun Ring Activation

  • How Do I Activate a Belun® Ring Sensor?

    Your Belun® Ring contains a unique ID and will ship to your office already linked to your Provider Account. To initialize a test you will plug in the Belun® Ring to your PC or Mac and use the Belun® Ring application to link the sensor to a patient. Then the patient can take the sensor home and begin testing.

  • How do I create a Belun® Ring Portal Account?

    We will reach out to your office to assist you with initial account creation.  After your account is created you can fully manage it (add/remove users).  From this portal account you can review all your test data.

    Do I need a Monthly Subscription for my Belun Rings®?

    YES. Each Belun Ring *must* have an active monthly subscription in order to provide automated sleep test AI-scoring. Without an active subscription the device will not provide interpretation/results. Each device requires its own subscription (e.g. 2 Belun Rings = 2 Monthly subscriptions). You can cancel or update your subscriptions at any time. Click HERE to review Belun Subscription Option.

  • What does my patient need for Belun® Ring testing?

    Patients need to be able to wear the Belun® Ring throughout the night.
    Without App: It is NOT required that the Belun® Ring be connected to an app or phone to gather data. There is an app available should the patient wish to get faster results, but it is not required. Simply take the Belun® Ring and charging base home, wear the Ring, then in the morning reattach the Ring to the charging port.  When the patient returns the device to your office you can download the data.
    With App: If the patient wants to connect the Belun® Ring to their smartphone this is possible. The patient downloads the app and uses an email link from your office (sent via the Belun Software) to connect the Ring to their phone. Each night the test data will be automatically uploaded to the Belun Portal.

  • When do I get test results from a Belun® Ring test?

    You will receive the data and an auto-scored sleep test report from a Belun® Ring test within 10 minutes of uploading the data to your Belun Portal. No more waiting for days or weeks to see sleep test results!

NightOwl Activation

  • How Do I Activate a NightOwl® Sensor?

    It's easy! Just head to nightowl.care and create a new test in your Provider Account. Add your patient's contact information and initialize the test. The patient will receive automatic email instructions to activate the NightOwl.

  • How do I create a NightOwl Provider Account?

    You can create a free NightOwl Provider Account  by emailing NightOwl support with your provider and practice information (linked here).

  • What does my patient need for NightOwl testing?

    Patients need access to email (for registration instructions) and a smartphone (Apple or Android).  The patient will download the NightOwl app onto their phone. The phone should be kept at the bedside of the patient during the night. The phone will connect to the sensor and transmit it to the NightOwl portal.

  • When do I get test results from a NightOwl test?

    You will receive the data from a NightOwl test each morning following a successful test. Test data is accessible in your NightOwl Provider Portal (no need to contact the patient). No more waiting for days or weeks to see sleep test results! With the NightOwl your results appear in near real-time.


  • How Does Shipping Work?

    • Fast Shipping - most orders ship in less than one business day.
    • $8.99 Flat-Rate USA shipping
    • FREE shipping on all orders over $250
    • All orders ship with tracking information and email confirmation.
  • Do You Ship Internationally?

    Home Sleep Testing orders are limited to the United States ONLY. We offer fast shipping within USA.

  • What Is the Average Delivery Time?

    Most orders are shipped the same or next-business day.  In the continental United States most orders arrive in 2-4 days.  We provide delivery tracking and confirmation on all orders.


  • What Payment Methods Are Available?

    We accept all major US credit cards.

  • Is Buying Safe?

    We use secure credit card processing technology to ensure your data is safe. Our credit card processor stores and authorizes your payment directly, and your credit card information is never stored on this site.

  • What If My Payment Fails?

    If you have any problems with payment processing, please contact us and we'll work to finalize your order ASAP!

Orders & Returns

  • How Do I place An Order?

    Add items to your cart in order to make your purchase.  For security reasons we do not accept credit card information over the phone, so all orders should be placed online.  But if you have questions or want to talk to a human don't hesitate to contact us.

  • How Can I Cancel My Order Or Return It?

    Unused, unopened products may be returned within 30 days. A 10% restocking fee will apply to all return orders. If a product is defective it will be replaced or refunded after ResMed technical support confirms and authorizes the return. For health and safety reasons (COVID) any opened or partially-used products are unfortunately not eligible for return.

  • How Do I Track My Order?

    You will receive an email confirmation with online tracking information as soon as your order ships. All our orders ship with tracking information and email and delivery confirmation.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out via our contact form. We're happy to help!